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When a Painful Challenge Lets You Soar

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2019)

Sometimes a  painful challenge triggers a need for change,
the change later breeds drive, and inspiration
& a message to all.
Has it ever happened to you? 
Whether it did or it didn’t, learn how Sally turned her pain into passion & more. 

The Start

Throughout her life Sally Zeghondi was obese.
Her weight was a source of discomfort, and anxiety.
Her pain, and long time battle with food led her to study nutrition, and dietetics. She was then able to lose 60 kgs within two to three years. Thus, her struggle helped her learn to eat yummy food in a healthy way.

From then on, she decided to help people who face similar issues by teaching them that “you can actually eat yummy food in a healthy way.”

Though she is a full time medical sales representative, she tends to her Instagram account and her patients during her free time. 

Her Instagram: Inspiration at Its Best

Her Instagram account has reached a total of 16.1 K followers. This is largely due to her strategic work, and artistic love for cooking.

Not only does she offer clear and easy recipes in her instagram stories, and highlights, but she also shares healthy nutrutious tips,and educational information concerning food. 

She  has also collaborated with Kitchen Bar, and been featured in CuZine Arabia

Sally's collaboration with Kitchenbar
Sally In Cuzine Arabia

The Secret to Her Success

Despite the fact that Sally has no mentor, the secret to her success lies in her identification with people’s problems, and her passionate dedication to her work. Since she suffered with food problems herself, she knows what people who struggle with food go through.

She also follows a content strategy for Instagram which goes like this:

Mondays :Healthy Tips
Tuesdays : New Recipes

Wednesdays : Keep Going Advice
Thursdays: Sweet Thursday Bake
Fridays: Family Dinner Day

Saturdays: Lazy Saturday ( the day for comfort food)
Sundays: Spoiled Day 

Additionally, she credits her success to her MBA ( Masters in Business Administration), for it gave her the proper know-how needed to  grow her hobby towards greater horizons. 

What's Next?

Health events and a catering menu are part of Sally’s future plans. Expect to see her speaking at more health conferences. 

Meanwhile, you can check out her “Shrimp Rice ” recipe here ,or even better follow her on Instagram: @ Sallyzehondy for more superlicious yummy healthy tips  & cooking directions.

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