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Lebanese Passions

Lebanese Passions: When Passion Puts You in the Spotlight

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Are you one of these people who shifted paths, or dumped their major to follow their passion?
Somehow you realized life seemed tasteless, and you had to do something about it.
You finally launched your passion,
But you needed more exposur
you needed an inspiring video,
you needed a story,
you needed “Lebanese Passions”

What’s Lebanese Passions ?

Lebanese Passions isn’t just a name. Lebanese Passions is part of a web series project  Joint Media House offers. A Lebanese Passions video consists of a one minute video which recounts the story of an entrepreneur who followed his/her passion. It’s whole purpose is meant to inspire , and benefit both the entrepreneur and the viewer.

For more insight into how inspirational it can be, check out the stories of Marilyn , Hisham and Billal below: 

For instance, Marilyn‘s passion, Marly’s Goodies,  started out as a self-challenge, but later spread all around her. Her passion for baking gradually took over, and she started making the most beautiful cupcakes, and muffins you can imagine.

As for Hisham, his passion started as a desire to create clothes that allow him to express himself. This got him into Screen Printing, and creating awesome T-shirts, which he then called H-shirts.

On the other hand, Billal’s passion was completely different. Billal had a love for coffee making, and so he left his IT engineering profession in Australia, to pursue his coffee dream in Lebanon. 

Who’s behind It?

Mark Jlailaty , the founder of Joint Media House , and Joe Safi, its corporate filmmaker & storyteller, are the ones behind this novel inspiring idea. 

What Else Does Joint Media House Offer?

Apart from Lebanese Passions, Joint Media House offers messenger marketing,  corporate storytelling videos, and growth hacking services.

Messenger marketing refers to making use of mobile, and chat platforms to facilitate conversations with prospects and customers.
For that, Mark specialized in Chatbot building, especially since marketing leading platforms like Hubspot and others consider it to be the future. 

To illustrate, Joint Media House has a chatbot of its own on facebook.
You can try it out yourself by  clicking here, or simply have a look at how it responds to a client below: 

What’s nice about bots is that they can integrate with Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, and any application you chat with. They can easily guide clients to the desired solution; thereby, saving a lot of time and energy for both the company and its customers. 

So … How Can You make Use of All This!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an SME, or a business corporation, you can definitely make use of a bot or a video story to promote your activities and get your message out as best you can.

Thus, if you’re really looking to hook in your customers then make sure you give Joint Media House a call.

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