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Show Me Lebanon

Show Me Lebanon: Experience Lebanon Through the Eyes of a Local

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2021)

Are you an international traveler?
Has the idea of visiting Lebanon ever crossed your mind?
It’s just that you’ve heard the country is too dangerous, and uncivilized.

But wait…

What if everything you were fed about Lebanon was fake and hugely negative.
You didn’t get to see the real picture because the real picture is way more beautiful than international media wants to portray.

That’s why “Show Me Lebanon” is here

Show Me Lebanon
        …  What About It? 

Show Me Lebanon is a social enterprise whose main purpose is to change the wrong perspective internationals have about Lebanon.
It offers you a real custom made Lebanese experience that allows you to experience Lebanon through the eyes of a local.

Whose Behind It? 

The idea started in 2017 with Hala Ghoussoub and Emil J. Mouawad; however, it became fully operational in July 2018.

Since both were and are still active citizens and prominent members of the Rotaract club, the concept of hospitality was not foreign to them.They were both attending conferences abroad, and hosting internationals in Lebanon. What surprised them the most though was how visitors perception changed after having visited Lebanon. 

The country was obviously underrated.

Hence, they decided to do something about it.

With Emil ‘s ten years of experience in hospitality, events management and community development, their approach is quite radical, and different than that of a tourism agency. 

They do not only provide a unique customized experience based on budget, interests, and time, but they also aim at creating a community of internationals and locals who are interested in exploring Lebanon and promoting it to the world.

The Platform & How to Customize Your Trip 

As soon as you land on Show Me Lebanon’s website, you’ll notice the ease and simplicity you have in sketching your own trip.

Sketch Your Trip
Sketch Your Trip

By simply clicking on “Sketch Your Trip”, you will be guided through a series of twenty three questions that delve into your interests, budget and time. 

After answering all twenty three questions, you receive a first proposal based on your requests.
Then, you can update the proposal to suit you perfectly. 

Note that you can also choose the services you want to be offered like: airport pick up, accommodation, transportation, connectivity, day trips, nightlife experiences, etc…

Why Show Me Lebanon

 As Emil says:
Show Me Lebanon is not only about personal assistance, local expertise, and engagement.It’s about creating social impact, creating a community of ambassadors that promote Lebanon here and abroad.”

Show Me Lebanon Community
Show Me Lebanon Community

It creates impact by :

  • Presenting Lebanon Online
  • Creating customized unforgettable Lebanese experiences for tourists 
  • Involving local Lebanese in the experience so that they discover their country’s hidden gems.
  • Creating jobs for locals who have the same passion for Lebanon; thus, enhancing the economy, tourism sector, and empowering the workforce.

What Visitors Are Actually Saying ! 

Thus, whether you’re an international, a Lebanese expat, or a local who hasn’t explored the country yet, now is your chance.

Feel free to connect to Show Me Lebanon directly through their website, Facebook or Instagram page. 

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