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The Story of Musicord & the Entrepreneur Who Never Gave Up

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2019)

Are you a music enthusiast? Do you like to sing?
Did you ever dream of being discovered and becoming famous?
If so, Musicord was made for you.

What is Musicord & What does It Offer? ​

Musicord is a social application whose main aim is to discover musical talents. People who can sing, or play an instrument really well are encouraged to sign up, and record their voice, or music in video or audio for 20 seconds. Once six claps or more are earned, the voice or audio is featured as trending. Consequently, one reaches higher levels by earning more claps, which enables them to sing for longer time slots, i.e. longer than 20 seconds.

Here ‘s an inside view of the Musicord app

Trending Now
Trending Now
Musicord Exploer

How Did It Come to Be?

Back in 2016, Ali Obeid was still a Computer Science student who had dabbled in many entrepreneurial competitions, and hackathons. He had already tried launching other startup ideas like Surf Yalla, a windows browser with less usage of RAM and no privacy stolen, and Trade My Book, a mobile app for trading used university books in Lebanon.

However, it was only in 2016 that the idea of blending music and records came into play, when he applied to Speed BDD’s program under the idea of Singaholic.

Singaholic later became known as Musicord, but it’s journey with SpeedBDD reached a halt due to the team’s inefficiency.  At this point, Ali learned that he had chosen the wrong team. This did not stop him however from pursuing his dream. He continued working solo on his idea for two months. He then launched the beta version in 2016, but it had bugs.

So he had to try all over again …..  and try he did.

Who Helped Along the Way?

He managed to fund everything on his own, and to form a team for Musicord. The team consists of a marketer, a technical expert, and himself.

Ali also credits the accelerators like SpeedBDD , and the coworking spaces who helped him along the way. Additionally the fact that he won several hacks and competitions like the Hult Prize 2017 in LIU, and Accenture Digital Connected Hackathon 2016… greatly added value to his knowledge and experience.

What Ali Recommends New Entrepreneurs Should Do ! 

He recommends they persist, persevere, and never stop learning. Additionally, he wishes that entrepreneurship was part of the curriculum in his university, since he learned mostly through the ecosystem, and through trial and error.

What’s Next for Musicord? 

Hopefully, in the near future Musicord will be offering a subscription model, whereby premium subscription will offer more features for musicians.
Its future business model also aims at helping musicians earn money.
For the time being however, Musicord is focusing on attracting  a larger subscriber base.

Hence, if you’re interested in being heard, make sure to sign up to Musicord & recommend it to your friends. 

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