Hi! I'm Yara

I’m a freelance writer and lifelong learner who seeks to offer you the best when it comes to your business. 


Though my writing journey started out haphazardly,  I ‘m glad to say that after many twists and turns I found my way. 


From teaching to medical sales, to business research, to serving as secretary general in JCI Beirut, Lebanon, I can finally say I found my place. The variety of domains and fields I’ve been in have helped enhance my research and writing ability. Thus, I can craft a clear message out of any jargon you give me.

Being a writer is fun, for there is diversity in what you provide regardless of whether you’re writing copy that sells, technical papers, proposals, or what not.

So, feel free to browse through my portfolio.

You might be surprised  however to find that it spans a variety of topics which do not revolve around business.

This is largely due to it being a function of customer’s demand. 
Hence, it mostly features sample articles I’ve written for both print and digital magazines. It spans topics revolving around health,  business and education …. 

How I Can Help You Write

Whether you’re stuck on writing a business proposal, a white paper, a blog post, or resume, my writing ability, sales background, MBA knowledge, and research background can help your business succeed.

Why Me?

I’m reliable and meticulous. I always make sure your end result is gratifying. 
 Mgoal is to satisfy you as my client and reader. As my client, I want to deliver the best when it comes to your business. 
As my reader, I wish to empower you with my best gathered inputs and resources on business writing and beyond. 


Allow me to be your RIGHT hand when it comes to WRITING time, 
… and your insightful friend when it comes to writing your own business plan, getting the latest business “know-how” and paving the way forward.