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Nurse-bots: A Solution or a Threat!

The Nursing Shortage ProblemWith the never ending advancements in technology, and medicine, it’s no wonder humans are living longer. By …
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A Cure for Blindness

( Originally Posted in Cloud 961- June 2014) Thanks to advances in biotechnology, it has become possible for blind people …
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Literacy in the 21st century

Literacy in the 21st Century

( Originally posted in Cloud 961 Magazine in January  2015) Updated: 23 April 2018 Nowadays literacy has taken a whole new definition …
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Catching up or not? It’s only a matter of time

(Originally posted in Cloud 961- July 2016) Updated:  April 25, 2018 Whether we like it or not, technology is changing …
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Dealing with the Issue of sexting

How to deal with the Issue of Sexting

In today’s world of widespread social media connectivity, it’s hard for parents to track their teen’s online interactions. While no …
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Reversing the Irreversible….with 3D Printed Prosthetics

( Originally posted in Cloud 961 Magazine in October 2016)Updated: 12 December, 2017Imagine reversing the irreversible, creating hope for those who had …
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The internet… a mere distraction… or simply a mind shaper ?

( Originally posted in Cloud 961 Magazine in June 2015)Let’s stop for a moment, and take a break! Let’s get …
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