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Influencer Marketing: What It Is & How Best to Leverage It

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape where social technologies are forever changing consumer behavior and disrupting how brands approach marketing, ...
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Nariman & Joslin

Recycle Lebanon… More than a Revolution

There are many who talk, yet few who take action.Joslin Kehdy was among the few who actually took action. I remember ...
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Find Your Own Growth Opportunity with AIESEC

Are you a university student looking to hone your skills, gain experience, broaden your network and get out of your ...
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When a Painful Challenge Lets You Soar

Sometimes a painful challenge triggers a need for change, the change later breeds drive, and inspiration & a message to ...
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Lebanese Passions

Lebanese Passions: When Passion Puts You in the Spotlight

Are you one of these people who shifted paths, or dumped their major to follow their passion? Somehow you realized ...
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Show Me Lebanon

Show Me Lebanon: Experience Lebanon Through the Eyes of a Local

Are you an international traveler? Has the idea of visiting Lebanon ever crossed your mind? It’s just that you’ve heard ...
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The Story of Musicord & the Entrepreneur Who Never Gave Up

Are you a music enthusiast? Do you like to sing? Did you ever dream of being discovered and becoming famous? ...
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The Coder Maker Club

The Coder-Maker Club: Unleashing Computational Thinking & Entrepreneurial Potential

As a university student, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions:How can I acquire the 21st century digital skills I need, connect ...
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Fab Lab

Berytech Fab Lab Will Make You Want to Print Your Imagination

What if you could print your imagination? Certainly, not all your imagination! What if you could visualize any idea you ...
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Senior Branded Content Manager @Vinelab

Surefire Advice on How to Make It as a Freelancer

Whether you’re unemployed, partially employed or fully employed, you’ve probably come across articles and posts stating that “freelance” is the ...
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Via Appia Byblos Farmer's Market

Alice, The Appian Way & the Road to Rural Revival

Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate,old baskets, pretty tote bags local nature's produce from ...
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Woman stuck with car problems

Dryvlist_The Solution to All Your Car Problems

Ever had your car break down in the middle of the road? Then when you had to fix it, you ...
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The Story of Augmental Setting the Trend for Adaptive Learning

Put three geniuses from Lebanon together, and you get Augmental, a tablet application that eases the life of both students ...
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Setting up WordPress

How to Set up & Learn WordPress Cost-Effectively

So you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur who manages to get all their clients through "word of mouth"; however, you're ...
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Secure Online transactions

6 Quick Valuable Tips to Ensure Secure Online Transactions

With digital payments taking over the world, it’s no wonder that you might get hacked, or robbed without knowing it.I ...
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The Growing Call for NGO Accountability

(Originally posted in Responsible Business Magazine- July 2015 Issue) The rise in NGO popularity and growth can be traced back ...
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Marketing Hackathon

Marketing Hackathon: Bridging Real Life Application With Academia

(Originally posted in Berytech's blog in June 2016) Why leave creativity dormant behind university walls? Why not bring it to life ...
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