Struggling to Write for Your Business?

Business writer

   If so, I’m here to help. 


 I help by offering you content that sells, converts, and brings in new leads.

What I Offer? 

My writing services consist of the following: 

• Web copy/ press releases/ business plans/proposals / blog posts/articles
• Brochures/ Personal Statements/ Resumes/ Proposals
• Editing/ Revisions

The Fields I Write for

The fields I’m most qualified to write for are: 

• Education 
• Health 
• Recruitment & HR services
• Startups

What Qualifies me

My expertise in research & business,  along with my MBA knowledge allow me to craft a clear message out of any jargon you give me.

What Else!!

I also aim at sharing with you tidbits, posts and stories related to the Lebanese startup ecosystem. 
Hence, my blog is a business blog that  revolves around business topics that target freelancers, and entrepreneurs.  

To access my blog click on Blog in the above menu or enter: www.yaraabboud.me/business/ into your browser. 

Who I Am

I’m Yara , a  curious freelance writer and solo-business blogger.
During my free time, I interview Lebanese entrepreneurs & freelancers to gather cool stories about what works and what doesn’t. 

You can learn more about me here.